Our Products

SR01 Sound Pickup Module

Improve voice pick up performance, better support translation, voice recognition and other voice AI algorithm,

Cardioid microphone, reduce noise and improve voice recognition rate,

High SNR A-D converter,

48-196kHz samplerate, and

Support both Android and iOS

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TWS ANC Acoustic Module

Support Hybrid ANC in TWS Headphone

Professional module combines speaker and microphone to solve consistence issue

Acoustic and ANC tuning and testing service

Production line quality control guide to improve yield rate

Customizable module to fit differnt ID design

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LSU1101 Near-field Voice AI Module

Add Voice AI features to wearable products.

Ultra low power consumption (1mA), up to whole day standby

Beamforming and noise reduction algorithm to improve wake up rate

Customizable voice command list, up to 20+ commands

Simple structure that can easy fit ID design. Reusable microphone to reduce cost

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LSU1301 BLE Voice AI Module

Build Voice AI enabled IoT products

Support BLE 5.0

Ultra low power consumption (0.022mA), all-year standby

Integrate beamforming and noise reduction algorithm to improve wake up rate

Support multiple voice recognition engine, customizable voice command list, up to 20+ commands

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Our Service

Acoustic Test Service

Basic acoustic performance test for audio components and products

Test chamber in 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m, background noise ≦ 15dB(A)

Soundcheck test system

Microphone and speaker component test, including FR, SPL, THD, SNR ...

Product acoustic check, including sealing, coupling, etc.

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Smart Audio Pre-test Service

 ETSI EG 202 396-1 listening room, in size 3.4m x 6.2m x 2.3m (H) and background noise ≦ 20dB(A)

Amazon authorized Alexa test lab

Support on Microsoft Cortana, Ali-AI, Baidu AI, Xiaomi smart audio pre-test

High-quality and low THD environment and voice speakers

Customizeable auto-test script

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Headphone Acoustic Test Service

Special headphone test list

Microphone and Speaker acoustic performance test (FR, SPL, THD)

Product sealing and coupling test

ENC tuning and testing with self-designed rating system

ANC performance tuning and testing

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