Voice UI module
    Publish time 2017-12-08 10:40    

The far field speech interactive module adopts the high integration modular design, which has wide applicability and convenient operation and development, which opens the door to the development and application of remote speech recognition for users.
The module with omnidirectional sensei, sound source direction finding, directional sound pickup, elimination noise suppression, reverb, echo offset, abnormal sound detection identification technologies such as function, meet the demand of all users in the field of voice interaction.
This module adopts the universal flexible USB port and can easily access the user's main control development board, so that the user's products immediately have the ability of remote speech recognition. The module also supports a variety of interfaces such as UART/I2C that enable users to design the best designs according to their own product plans.
This module is suitable for the intelligent medical, automotive entertainment, robot, intelligent home, intelligent speakers, such as wide range, allows users to quickly complete product planning and design, performance verification, finished product production and the market.